Can I leave Japan within the Quarantine period? 

It is possible to leave Japan during your 14-day quarantine period however you must ensure you still abide by the pledge and health rules and guidelines, and to meet your airline and destination entry requirements while under quarantine.

For more information please contact Health Monitoring Center (HCO) 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Call 03-6757-1038 | International +81 3-6757-1038 (press 6 for English – speak to either Fukuda or Murakami. They will provide instructions documentation needed and what to do with them. Please note this process is constantly changing.


– Most COVID testing sites also do not allow for a test when a person is under 14 quarantine (please see information posted by Narita Airport testing in the screenshot in this post)The Tokyo Cancer Clinic can arrange a remote Covid test They send you the test package, explain on a video call, and then you post the sample and get a certificate the next day.…/ins…/covid-19-pcr-testing

– You must not use public transport (ie from your quarantine accommodation to airport, airport buses, trains etc…)

– Advise your airline at check-in you are still within your quarantine period as they may affect their flight seating.

– You are unable to use airport restaurants, cafes, etc…

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