The process to enter Japan during the PANDEMIC 

⚠️ If you are planning on coming/returning to Japan, qualify for the entry criteria, and can meet all requirements do not delay as the situation is fluid and there is a lot of concern about domestic COVID cases borders can (and have) close at any time. Entry is currently limited to around 3,500 people per day, with the government coordinating with airlines. Make sure you take out sufficient travel insurance and have plans for travel disruption. There is speculation travel restrictions will be eased please follow the Reopening Road Map post where information will be added as it is announced.

2021/10/01 Currently:

🎏1. Tourist Visas: ⛔Tourist visas are NOT being issued.

🎏2. Residents in Japan wanting to leave and return:✅No longer need to apply for the emailed reentry permit. For General Information for Departing Japan is here:…/retur…/posts/1189501108214408 Re-entry permit information is here too.

🎏3. For residents outside of Japan wanting to return:✅Residents with valid residence permits who left before the pandemic and yet to return can now re-enter without being subjected to any reviews of the reasons to return. There is no longer a requirement to apply to immigration authorities for documents confirming that re-entry is allowed.This includes the lifting of the travel ban for Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka..

🎏4. For residents outside of Japan wanting to return with ‘expired’ re-entry documentation:✅Returnees can seek re-entry permission even if their visa or re-entry permit has expired while abroad.The Justice Ministry announced earlier this year that non-Japanese residents who left before the end of August 2020 but were unable to return before the period of validity of their re-entry permits expired would also be able to seek re-entry under special circumstances (humanitarian reasons.)The Immigration Services Agency has said that people whose re-entry permits expired after they left Japan temporarily will be issued a certificate of eligibility (COE), a document confirming they meet the conditions for arrival and are eligible for a visa. To receive the COE, those who are planning to re-enter must complete procedures at their nearest Japanese Embassy or consulate.This also includes those whose visas expired completely while abroad and people with valid residence cards who were exempted from obtaining an ordinary re-entry permit but were not able to come back to Japan within a year of their date of departure.PR & Expired reentry permit.…/permalink/1093844181113435

🎏5. The Business/Residence Track⚠️Currently suspended

🎏6. Other work/student visa holders outside of Japan:New Visas for the following “special exceptional circumstances” are now being issued:1. Spouse of Japanese (Spouse visa)✅2. Spouse of Permanent Resident (Dependent visa)✅3. Long-term visas✅

  • This is not related to how long a visa is but a stand-alone visa category. It is a general visa for people who have a reason to stay in Japan but may not meet other visa requirements such as those who have children or refugees.

4. Professor & Instructor visas ✅

  • To fill a vacancy at the educational institution where vacancy results in the suspension of the educational activities at that institution.

5. Medical Purposes Visa ✅

  • The purpose to contribute to the enhancement and strengthening of the Japanese medical system.

6. Certificate of Eligibility (1584 in red) ✅7. Permanent Resident (PR) who were unable to re-enter and lost status due to COVID19 ✅8. Diplomats ✅9. Humanitarian reasons ✅10. Unofficially,– JET from different regions have been allowed staggered entry.- MEXT students a limited number of MEXT students have been allowed in. (It is not clear what they criteria is)- Dependent visas are being issued mostly around the Asia-Pacific region. It seems to be on a case-by-case basis reported by community members. Some regions are accepting applications with the expectation more visas will be issued soon. Please keep checking with your local Embassy/Consulate.

Notes*1-6 Required a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). This is a document issued by a regional immigration authority after pre-visa screening process to check the person applying meets all the conditions for landing in Japan. Once the COE is issued an applicant at a local consulate can apply for a visa.*8 & 9 no change.*Expect longer processing times*Professional athletes and coaches will be included soon for baseball and soccer. Other sports are under consideration.Unofficially, entry will be allowed under “exceptional circumstances,” for DJs???…*COE for Workers, students, talents, trainees, and short-term commercial visa are not being issued at this time. Please keep checking back. (Particularly Students)

🎏7. SOFA ✅Please contact your chain of command. It depends on your role and relationship to the SOFA arrangements you may have to follow the military COVID procedures or Japanese authorities. ⚠️⚠️ There are NO exceptions to domestic travel, including domestic flights within Japan and Okinawa. Please be particularly careful as there were some issues earlier in the pandemic, and in regions such as Okinawa have been linked to military COVID cases.…/AF%20ROM%20Handbook%20Final…

🎏8. Seafarers-–

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