Returning to Japan during COVID-19 Pandemic (PCR Tests : COVID Tests)

 COVID tests (72hrs.)

A COVID test is required 72hrs before departing (in practice check-in) on a flight returning to Japan. (72-hour before the departure of your flight to Japan.)

◆◆◆ There is a growing list of testing locations worldwide, information on the three types of tests required by Japan, and exempt countries, and Japan testing locations:


★ Ensure the MOFA Form is filled out correctly and signed by the lab or a doctor.Ensure you have the correct test and sampling method. This has become a lot stricter.

★Please ensure your paperwork has “Negative” and not something else similar such as “not detected.”

★Japanese passport holders DO need a 72hr COVID test to enter Japan. And Japanese passport holders DO need to do the Japanese airport arrival test.

Children/infants also need to take the test please see here for more details:

★★ Please make sure you have a printed copy of the form/test results. It is usually checked at check-in and taken when arriving in Japan by immigration. Also, have your lab report on hand just in case there are questions or it is requested as well. ★★.

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