Quarantine Transport after arriving to Japan

Quarantine Transports can not be the following :Trains, Buses, Cabs/Taxies, domestic flights, etc. (This also includes passenger ships and public facilities)

If you have not entered Japan, please Check also Airport arrival Procedures in Japan

Please note the pledge obligations:

(c) You must not use public transportation

Arrivals are NOT allowed to use public transport including trains, buses, taxis, and domestic flights (this includes connecting domestic flights, passenger ships, and public facilities) Services like [Uber]/[Nearme] are effectively a taxi service and share rides.

Clarified by Narita Quarantine Station:

+ Not Allowed

✗ trains

✗ buses

✗ taxis

✗ Domestic flights

✗ Friend pickup

✗ licensed private transportation shared with 2 persons (as in two unrelated parties)

✗ ride-sharing (via car rental)

✗ Walking from Ueno station+ Allowed

✓ Licensed private transportation

✓ Dedicated quarantine transport services. (quarantine buses, Skyliner quarantine carriage)

✓ Pickup: Only someone you live with.

✓ Car Rental (no sharing)

✓ Cycling home (From Haneda/Narita Airport, NOT from Ueno Station)

✓ Walking home (From Haneda/Narita Airport, NOT from Ueno Station).

🚐 MHLW recommend list of Licensed Private Transfers https://bit.ly/3kiwZjy (Kansai Airport is at the bottom)

 Please be careful of unlicensed and booking platforms, sometimes they are cheaper but it’s not uncommon for them to cancel last minute leaving people stuck at the airports.

– There is a guide to private transfer costs pre-COVID https://bit.ly/2Z4gXl3

Check our previous blog about Airport Arrival procedures in Japan during COVID-19

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