Seasonal International Parties

We host seasonal international parties every month.

If you are willing to meet people from different countries, international parties offer a really great chance for you to make new friends.

You are new in town ? or just trying to meet more people in Tokyo, please come join us, we offer a really friendly environment in each of our events. If you are alone ? it does not matter, come make friends and go to Roppongi afterwards, because I am pretty sure you will be hyper after the party ! 🙂

【Standing Style Party】

Who’s this event for ?
・People that want Party
・People that want to time with new friends
・English learning People
・Japanese learning People
・People into language exchange
・Any friend making, beer, interesting bites, international atmosphere loving individuals, language exchange.

Check our meetup calendar for [Internatinoal Parties] or just send us a message from our Instagram !

Notes :
◆ No under 20’s
◆The venue will be non smoking. For smokers ,there’s smoking space conveniently located near the entrance.

Do not forget to join our community first to join our events !

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