Amazing Samurai Workshop Part 3: Tate & Samurai Calligraphy

Part 3
Samurai calligraphy

Samurai Workshop : Tate & Samurai Calligraphy

Samurai Workshop Part 3

Immerse yourself in the Samurai Spirit with the traditional Japanese art of Kenbu. This art form, under the guidance of Master Hiryu, teaches participants the fundamentals of handling a Japanese sword, executing slashing techniques, and performing simple samurai actions. Additionally, participants will receive instruction on the proper handling of a Japanese fan as well as the etiquette of bowing and walking in traditional arts.

This unique workshop will transport you to ancient Japan, where you will gain a deeper understanding of the culture and values of the samurai. Master Hiryu’s expertise and passion for Kenbu will inspire and challenge you to push beyond your limits and embrace the way of the warrior.

Come learn with us ! Feel free to invite your friends as well !

Part 3
Samurai calligraphy

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■📅【Date】September 10th 18:15

■💴【 Price】: 3,500 Yen~

※Optional : Rental Samurai Kimono & Hakama set +2,500Yen

■🚉【Place】: Will be informed by Email or Line

Part 3
Samurai calligraphy

Includes the following:

  • 👮Katana & Fan lessons.
  • 📜Katana Free Rental
  • 🚡Fan Free rental
  • 👘 Samurai Kimono & Hakama (Optional rental: only 6 sets avaialble)

※Food/Insurance is not included

The mastery of Samurai : 4 Classes to the way of Samurai

1 Class : Basic of the Samurai +How to use a fan
2 Class :Samurai Spirit & ZEN
3 Class :Samurai Tate+ Samurai Calligraphy
4 Class :Samurai Tate+ Real Katana Slashing

■【Program】What we will learn

※Lesson will be conducted in Japanese

  • Start the class with the traditional Japanese bow
  • How to hold and hadle a Katana
  • Slashing and sheathing with the Japanese sword
  • Basic Positionning, Steps and Movements
  • Learn about Samurai Spirit & ZEN
  • Enjoy the performace by Hiryu Master

■ 【Note】

  • Must have your own insurance.
  • ※Non residents must have travel insurance that covers (activity)

■【 Please Bring】

  • Sports wear

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