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【Japanese Kimodameshi: The becoming of Japanese Ghosts】

cultural exchange
summer event

Japanese Kimodameshi: The becoming of Japanese Ghosts

Step into a world of spooky adventure in Kawagoe, as we invite you to experience Japanese Summer Kimodameshi.

Friends and family are welcome to join.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enjoy Japanese Summer with us

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Unique Special Spooky Spot Walking Tour Included


■📅【DATE】: 2023.08.29 18:00-20:30

■🚉【Place】Enchabu Gallery

■💰【 Price】: 3,500 Yen → 3,000 Yen (Early Booking Discount)

※Early Bird Discount 500 Yen: FIll out this form and  RSVP on MeetUp  one DAY prior to the Trip.

【Includes the following

  • 👦Guide & Instruction
  • 👔Kimono Renta
  • 👞Spooky decorations
  • 📷Pictures & Videos taken during the event

cultural exchange
summer event

■ 【Itinerary】

  • 18:00 : Meet up at our Venue
  • 18:15 : Start Kimodameshi Activity
  • 20:30: Activity finishes

■【 What to bring】

  • Extra Cosmetics for ghost makeup. (Ex: Red lipstick, eyeliner…)
  • Money
  • Camera
  • [Optional] If you have your own KIMONO or YUKATA, please wear it and join this event!
  • [Optional] Spooky items

■ 【Notes】

  • Meal is not included, there are food stands and restaurants in the area.
  • Must have your own insurance

■【Cancellation Policy】

Cancellation Policy will be applied 2 days prior to the tour day.  Please check  as below.

Any cancellations from 2 Days prior, there will be a cancellation fee.
In case of cancellation, please contact us from our Official Line Account:https://lin.ee/vn38Has

■【Tour Cancellation 】

Tour might be canceled due to the condition of the river and also the weather.

■【Any questions about the trip ? 】


Keep in mind that your Phones Region needs to be set to Japan.

※In order to join our event you need to register from our officail meetup group first.

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👆Upcoming Events👆

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