【Living Tips in Tokyo / Japan 】Spend Less and Live Smart

※2023.11.14 Updated

This is Peter from Tokyo International Friends & Events.
In this article, we have listed up all the useful Apps and Info that must know when living in Tokyo. Best Tips for newcomers in Tokyo.

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⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎【Parenting Tips】⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎

・🆕【5,000 Yen Monthly Support for kids】Tokoy 018 Economic Support
  ☛Click here for Details

•【Where to bring your kid ? ASOVIEW】
Family friendly APP ! Check the best spots for kids and family👉ASOVIEW
➤Get discounted tickets for amusement parks, museums and such.
   ☛Click here and get the APP

•【Child Allowance System in Japan】
If you have a kid, claim your allowance.
   ☛Details here

⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎【Daily Life Tips】⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎

•【WIFI】Softbank Air Most convenient 5G WIFI router in Japan.
➤40,000 Yen Cash Back Campaign if you apply from the link below:
   ☛Apply now

If you own a car in Japan, JAF if your best friends (Tons of Coupons and supports when you are in trouble with your car)
   ☛Details here

⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎【Housing & Accommodation】⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎

・【OakHouse】 Shared House
Looking for a cheap accommodation or Share House ?
➤※Register from the link below and get 10,000 Yen Points for your next rent .
   ☛日本語  English 

⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎【Earn Easy】⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎

・【TikTok Lite】 Download and Use GET 4,000 Yen [Only for new users]
➤Check In 10 Days : Get 4,000 Yen
Details here

・【Karrot】Flea Market APP in Tokyo
➤①APP Download the APP ②Register your location and get Amazon GIft Card 300 Yen
  ※Make sure to register your location as Tokyo in order to receive the 300 Yen.
   ☛Download From here

・【Paypay】Best Online Payment APP ※You must get this
➤Download Paypay 、Use this referral code:「07-UMBLI04」get 300 Yen。
   ☛Download NOW (Campaign Until November 30th 2023)

・【PaypayFleamarket】 Fleamarket APP (NEW NAME YAHOO Fleamarket)
➤Download Paypay Fleamarket、Link with your Paypay ID and get 500Yen。
   ☛Download NOW Referral Cdde: WWYMXZ

・【Olive SMBC New Service
Combining your Debit Card and Credit Card, all in one service.
➤Register and get 1,000 Yen
   ☛Details here

⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎【Shop Cheap】⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎

・【Temu : Shop like a king】
➤Download Now and get 15,000 Yen Off Coupon
Details Here
   ☛Download NOW

⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎【Travel Tips】⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎

-【Klook Coupon】
➤Register & Get 500 Yen Off Coupon
   ☛Register NOW

-【Tokyo International Friends & Events】
➤Best Expat Community in Tokyo, offering Events, Workshops and lots of fun activities.
   ☛Check events here :https://linktr.ee/TokyoMeetup

⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎【JOB HUNTING】⬜︎⬛︎⬜︎⬛︎

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Dec 06
Salsa Beginner Lesson @IKEBUKURO [Change your Life] / サルサ・レッ­スン・初心者向け@池袋 世界が変わる
池袋レンタルスタジオ Studio M Ikebukuro Tokyo – Toshima City, Ikebukuro, 2-chōme−53−3, Square21, 1F
Dec 07
Yoga Session with Ayaka @Ikebukuro / ヨガクラスwith AYAKA@池袋
池袋レンタルスタジオ Studio M Ikebukuro Tokyo – Toshima City, Ikebukuro, 2-chōme−53−3, Square21, 1F

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