How to meet Japanese Girls ?

I’m assuming you are newly arrived in Japan and want to meet girls. First, get rid of the weird thinking that because you are a foreigner that every girl in Japan is going to throw themselves at you (If you are really hot and sexy maybe yes LOL, but sadly not most of us are….) There are actually many ways to do so, such as … Continue reading How to meet Japanese Girls ?

Want to learn Japanese ??

If you are planing to stay in Tokyo or you are already in Tokyo then you should join the japanese lesson for making friends! There are Japanese schools but before you go to the Japanese school or school is still too much for you then join our lesson events ! We will hold beginner level Japanese lessons at Sakura hotel Jimbocho on every Friday 8pm~9:15pm … Continue reading Want to learn Japanese ??

Moving around in Tokyo: Best means of transportation?

Whether you’re only visiting Tokyo or you’re getting ready to start your new life in the country of the Rising Sun; knowing your transportation options is crucial for your day to day activities. So… what are my options? Let´s start from the most expensive one to the cheapest one. Own a car This, in my experience, is probably the most convenient one if you’re planning … Continue reading Moving around in Tokyo: Best means of transportation?