Bachata Beginner Class

Bachata Beginner Class with Kana Sensei in Ikebukuro

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Let’s learn and dance Bachata with our professional professor, Kana Sensei, every Friday evenings at Ikebukuro! We will also host a Social Bachata Dance Session after the class.

Kana will provide expert instruction and guidance to help you become a master of the Bachata. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn and enjoy the vibrant culture of Bachata!

Join us for an evening of fun and excitement as we learn the steps and rhythms of this popular Latin dance.

■【Schedules for our Bachata Class

Jun 09
【💃 】Bachata Beginner Lesson@IKEBUKURO 【💃】バチャータ・レッ­スン初心者向け@池袋
池袋レンタルスタジオ Studio M Ikebukuro Tokyo - Toshima City, Ikebukuro, 2-chōme−53−3, Square21, 1F
Jun 16
【💃 】Bachata Beginner Lesson@IKEBUKURO 【💃】バチャータ・レッ­スン初心者向け@池袋
池袋レンタルスタジオ Studio M Ikebukuro Tokyo - Toshima City, Ikebukuro, 2-chōme−53−3, Square21, 1F
Jun 30
【💃 】Bachata Beginner Lesson@IKEBUKURO 【💃】バチャータ・レッ­スン初心者向け@池袋
池袋レンタルスタジオ Studio M Ikebukuro Tokyo - Toshima City, Ikebukuro, 2-chōme−53−3, Square21, 1F

※In order to join our event, kindly create and account on Meetup, and RSVP on the corresponding event. This helps us to know the number of people coming so we can prepare in advance. Thank you for your undersdanding.

■【How to Join ?

👉Simply click on the Schedules above and RSVP or

👉Send us a message to Official Line account and ask us.

■【When ?

Every Friday Night from 19:45 -21:00

■【Where ?】

Ikebukuro Rentail Studio M @ Ikebukuro
※We post our room in our Group Chat

■【How much?】

2,000 Yen / Class
※Monthly Rates Available

■【Bachata Lesson Breakdown】

  1. 19:45~19:50 Meet up & Register.
  2. 19:50 Change your clothes and break the ice.
  3. 20:00 Lesson Starts
  4. 21:00 Lesson Ends

Lesson will be conducted in Japanese.
(Do not worry about the language barrier, Sensei will try his best to teach you)

■【About our Bachata Sensei : Kana Sensei】

Salsa & Bachata Instructor.
Event organizer.
Director of Latin Tokyo.
Director of YOUNIC TOKYO.

Started dancing ballet at a young age, with 16 years of experience in Salsa.
Performed at congresses and festivals in Japan and abroad, including LA, NYC, DC, Mexico, Singapore, Hanoi, and more.

Started working as an instructor in 2015.

Became the director of AlmaTokyo, overseeing a choreography team for Salsa and Bachata.

Passionate about dancing Salsa in both On1 and Cuban styles, as well as exploring a wide range of Bachata styles, from traditional to urban and sensual.


■【Who’s this event for

beginner class
tokyo international friends & events

✦Students / Business people
✦Culture Lovers
✦Nature Lovers
✦People who want to make Japanese friends
✦Sports Lovers
✦Bachata Lovers

■【Why join our Bachata Class

beginner class
tokyo international friends & events
  1. Cultural Appreciation: Learning this dance allows you to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the Dominican Republic. It gives you a deeper understanding of the music, rhythms, and movements that are integral to the dance. By embracing Bachata, you can appreciate and respect the traditions and customs of the Dominican culture.
  2. Social Connection: This dance is a social dance that encourages interaction and connection with others. Attending our classes or social dance events provides an opportunity to meet new people who share a common interest. The dance fosters social bonding, as partners rely on each other’s lead and follow, creating a sense of connection and unity on the dance floor.
  3. Physical and Mental Well-being: Engaging in Bachata dance offers numerous physical and mental health benefits. It is a great form of exercise that improves cardiovascular fitness, coordination, flexibility, and overall body strength. The rhythmic movements and music also promote stress reduction, as dancing releases endorphins and allows you to express yourself creatively, providing a positive outlet for emotions.

    In summary, learning Bachata not only allows for cultural appreciation but also offers social connection and various physical and mental health benefits, making it an enriching and enjoyable experience.

■【Benefits of joining our Bachata Class】

  • Dance Skills and Technique: Our classes are designed to teach you the fundamental steps, techniques, and movements of the dance style. Through regular practice and guidance from instructors, you will develop strong foundational skills, improve your coordination, timing, and balance, and become proficient in executing Bachata patterns and sequences.
  • Confidence and Self-Expression: Learning Bachata can boost your confidence and self-esteem. As you become more comfortable with the dance and gain proficiency, you’ll feel more confident on the dance floor. Bachata allows for self-expression, enabling you to interpret and convey emotions through your movements, helping you develop a unique dance style and personal flair.
  • Social Opportunities: it is a social dance that is often practiced in group classes and social dance events. Joining a Bachata class provides an excellent opportunity to meet new people who share your interest in dance. It creates a social environment where you can interact, make friends, and build a supportive community of fellow dancers. Social dancing also enhances your ability to lead or follow different partners, making you more adaptable in various dance situations.
  • Physical Fitness: This dance is a dynamic dance style that involves fluid body movements, footwork, and partner connection. Engaging in regular Bachata classes can improve your physical fitness by enhancing your cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, and flexibility. It offers a fun and enjoyable way to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Stress Relief and Emotional Well-being: Dancing, including Bachata, can be a great stress reliever. The rhythmic movements, music, and connection with a partner can help reduce stress, release tension, and improve your mood. It provides a creative outlet for self-expression, allowing you to express emotions through movement and music, which can contribute to improved emotional well-being and overall mental health.
  • Remember that the benefits you gain from Bachata classes will depend on your dedication, consistency, and willingness to practice.

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