【Paintball survival game & BBQ Party 】 サバイバルゲーム&BBQをしながら国際交流をしよう!初心者大歓迎 一人でもOK

**Get ready for some outdoor afternoon Squid Game Paintball (survival style game) and BBQ afterwards.** Come have fun with us ! Feel free to invite others !

**■【Date】: April 24th**

**■【 Price】:**
★Early sign up Discount : 10,000 Yen* sign-up & pay by Apr 08.
★Regular price : 11,000 Yen
-150 paintballs
-equipment insurance
-field fee afternoon session,
-rental gun & air-tank,
-Instructor, ref, & game staff.
-BBQ Space
-BBQ food (Drinks BYO)

**■【Meetup Time】**
Group Meet up at 10:30 am Nihombashi Station.

* ①Asakusa Line Platform 2 (Toward Narita)


* ②at 11:30 am Imbanihon Idai station (Chiba)

***👉◆◆◆◆【Community Perk】◆◆◆◆👈***
Exclusive Price for [Tokyo International Friends & Events].

■ 【Must】 sign up on the Google form here: [https://forms.gle/6LKSBRSKV7up2tp47](https://forms.gle/6LKSBRSKV7up2tp47)
Equipment and logistics need to be prepared in advance.

❕An email will be sent out 3 days before the Event finalizing details.❕
***👉◆◆◆◆【Community Perk】◆◆◆◆👈***

Minimum 20 people
Maximum 50 people

**■【Optional Fees】:**
150 paintballs 1,500 yen
500 paintball pack 3,500 yen
2,000 paintball box 13,000 yen
(can be purchased as a team)

Optional rentals, if needed:
wear (pants/top) 1,000 yen
knee pads 500 yen
gloves 100 yen
Shoes 1,000 yen
neck protector 100 yen
shower with rental towel 300 yen
*Old clothes are fine to use.

**■ 【Notes】**

* People use on average 400~600 paintballs depending on how trigger happy you are, and how good a shot you are.
* Teams can buy box(es) as a collective and shared.
* Paintballs can be bought between each game.
* As this is Japan they use the highest quality softest brightest coloured paintballs.
* Pads: Snowboarding knee pads work well.
* Footwear: Hiking boots are suitable footwear.
* Wear: Old clothes, long sleeves, and pants are good. The paint generally washes out, surprisingly.
* Must have own health insurance.

**■ 【How does it work】**

* Full instructions on how to use equipment and safety.
* There is a shooting gallery for practice before the games. There are a number of stationary targets and different distances so you can work on your targeting,
* During the allotted time there are a number of different games played such capture the flag, VIP, last man standing… so you get plenty of game time.
* Teams will be divided randomly.
* Depending on the number of people there will be two or four teams / one huge field or two.

■ 【What to bring】

1. Frenemies (that friend you have been dying to shoot at)
2. Old clothes
3. Boots (running shoes ok, boots with ankle support are best)
4. Gloves & knee pads (if you have them)
5. Towel x 2
6. Sports drink/water
7. A sense of humor
8. Camera
9. Cash









①前売り割引:10,000円 04月08日までに予約&支払い済みの方のみ

* フィールドの利用費( 12:30 to 17:00)
* レンタル装備:武器、グーグル、ベスト、弾丸150玉
* ゲームの説明や注意事項保険もついてきます。
* 駅からフィールドまでの送迎。
* BBQ器具と食材 (17:30-19:00)

**■ 【オプションで借りられるもの】**

* 服 (ズボン/トップ) 1,000円
* 膝パッド 500円
* グローブ 100円
* 靴 1,000円
* 首パッド 100円
* シャワー(タオル付) 300円


* 50玉 1,500円
* 500玉 3,500円
* 2,000玉 13,000円

**■【 知っておくべき情報】**

* 膝パッド等: スノボ用のものをご持参でも構いません.
* 靴: ハイキング用ブーツがおすすめです。
* 服装: 古着、汚れても大丈夫な服、できれば長袖が好ましいです。弾丸のインクは洗えるので、ズボンに色が付着しても大丈夫です。

**■【 ご持参物】**

* 射撃したい友達
* 古着
* ブーツ
* グローブ&膝パッド
* タオル2枚
* スポーツドリンク/お水
* カメラ
* お金
* ハッピーな気持ちでお越しください

🏠【公式ホームページ 】/ 【Official Website】:
👉【公式SNS】/ 【Official SNS】:


April 24


10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Click to Register: https://www.meetup.com/international-meetup-tokyo/events/284586729

【Tokyo International Friends - Events】 東京国際交流会 - 言語交流会:イベント

Email: international-meetup-parties-list@meetup.com Website: https://www.meetup.com/international-meetup-tokyo/

Nihombashi Station


東京都, JP, 103-0027

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