📕【日中言語交流会】 @ 広尾「 おしゃれなカフェ&レストラン」 / Chinese Japanese Language Exchange @ Hiroo

**【日中交流会】@広尾「La Mensa Jasmin」**





**■💰参加料金:500円 (カフェにてワン注文をお願い致します。)**


**■🚉場所: La Mensa Jasmin**
Google Map : [https://goo.gl/maps/imBBXx66dF4AvG7F8](https://goo.gl/maps/imBBXx66dF4AvG7F8)


* 中国語に興味ある方がたくさんいらっしゃいます。
* 場所は駅近で広尾駅から徒歩2分です。
* みなさんとすぐ仲良くなれる環境です。


* 社会人大歓迎です
* 学生さん大歓迎です
* 友達を作りたい方
* 中国語を勉強している方
* 共通趣味を探している方
* ・言語交換の相手を探している方 など


* ネイティブと会話をしたい方。
* アットホームな雰囲気なのですぐ皆さんの仲良くなれます。
* 参加費が安いので、お気軽に参加できます。
* 駅近で広尾駅から徒歩2です。


**[Chinese / Japanese] Language Exchange event in a very popular Cafe**

Our organizer is Elli from China.

We will be practicing Chinese and Japanese during our chat sessions.
Specified topics to talk and will also discuss in group.

Feel free to enter or exit anytime during the event.

To those who can make it on time, please be punctual so we can start at the scheduled time.

**💰【Joining fee】:500 Yen**

※Non RSVP + 500 Yen, therefore, please show us your Meetup RSVP page.

**🚉 【Place】: La Mensa Jasmin**

Google Map : [https://g.page/La-Mensa-Jasmin?share](https://g.page/La-Mensa-Jasmin?share)

**■👫Why join our Language Exchange ?👫**

* Our venue La Mensa Jasmin is just 2 minutes away from Hiroo Station.
* We provide an friendly environment that is accessible to any group of people, and to provide an ideal opportunity for those who want to make friends with people all over the world.
* The participants are very diverse in age, gender and nationality.
* No specific level is required !Come talk and make friends

**■👯Who’s this event for ?👯**

* ・Chinese language lover
* ・Chinese expats
* ・Students / Business man
* ・People into Chinese culture
* ・Any friend making, international atmosphere loving individuals, language exchange.

If you are alone ? it does not matter, come make friends !

**■Why join our event ?**

* Great Opportunity to expand your social network of friends around town.
* Good chance to practice Chinese.
* Great opportunity to learn Chinese from native.
* Great opportunity to make Chinese Expat friends.

Notes :

* The venue will be non smoking. For smokers there’s smoking space conveniently located near the entrance.


日中交流會@広尾 La Mensa Jasmin







**■🚉【地點】:Mensa jasmin**

〒150-0012 東京都渋谷区広尾4丁目2−24 聖心グローバルプラザ1F
Google Map:[https://goo.gl/maps/imBBXx66dF4AvG7F8](https://goo.gl/maps/imBBXx66dF4AvG7F8)


* 社會人士
* 學生(大學生/專門學校/日文學校)
* 想交新朋友的朋友
* 正在中文的朋友
* 想要語言交換的朋友


* 想交日本人朋友的您
* 想交新朋友的您
* 很友好的氣氛
* 參加費用很便宜
* 活動地點離車站很近


🏠【Official Website】:

👉【Official SNS】:



May 7


13:00 - 15:00

Click to Register: https://www.meetup.com/international-meetup-tokyo/events/285521837

【Tokyo International Friends - Events】 東京国際交流会 - 言語交流会:イベント

Email: international-meetup-parties-list@meetup.com Website: https://www.meetup.com/international-meetup-tokyo/

La Mensa jasmin

Shibuya City, Hiroo, 4-chōme−2−24 4号館 1F

Tokyo, JP, 150-0012

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