Dating in Japan?

In one of the last articles, we gave you some tips on how and where to make friends in Japan, however if you’re looking for something more than a friendship in the beautiful country of the Cherry Blossoms, then this is your kind of article.

Guess you’ve probably heard the rumors about the new Single Era dominating the japanese culture, but not to worry. There’s still plenty of beautiful/handsome singles out there that’ll love to meet you!

So… Let’s get started!

Where can you go to meet singles? Which app is the most useful?

Dating in Japan is hard? actually NOT AT ALL


Tokyo International Meetup 
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Not to brag, but in Tokyo International Meetup we organize events where foreigners and nationals all come together to talk and make friends, and with any luck, meet a potential love interest!

So don’t be shy! Download the app! Come to our events and see how much you’ll love them!

We’ve had plenty of cases where our participants fall in love and in some cases… they get married!

But if marriage is not your cup of tea.. don’t worry, casual dating is just as fun!

You might ask yourself, aside from these fun meetups, where/what else can I do to meet singles?

Here’s our list of apps you can use to meet people in Japan:

Casual dating/encounters apps


Probably the most popular one amongst the Western Culture, Tinder is best known for it’s “Swipe Right/Swipe Left” function which allows you to match or not match with potential partners. And you also get to choose the distance between you and your new “friends”. Most importantly, it’s free, but you can choose to pay for premium features.

Want an easy way of knowing who’s interested in you?

Try this app.

dating in japan, language exchange, make friends in japan
Language Exchange


Don´t want the pressure Tinder puts on you by automatically marking you as someone looking for casual dates?

Try Badoo!

You get to choose if you’re interested in dates or new friendships!

The function is practically the same as Tinder when it comes to matching with people, so just Swipe Right if you’re interested :), or Swipe Left if you’re not :(.

It’s also free so don’t be shy and give it a try!


Already tried Tinder or Badoo but they’re not your style? Maybe you’d like to expand your opoortunities of meeting people?

Skout could be your next option!

Also offering the function of meeting people near your chosen radius without giving away your specific location, it makes it easier for you to meet more friends or partners!

The app is also free.

dating in japan
International Event


This one mostly has Japanese population, women can download the app for free while men have to pay a monthly subscription. Be sure to speak fluent Japanese, since this app is mostly popular amongst them.

So if you’re only interested in trying the dating life with Japanese people, Pairs is your to go app!

Before finishing the article…

Let me give you a friendly reminder that the MeetUp app, specifically the group: Tokyo International Meetup provides a great way for meeting people, friends and potential partners alike, during all the events.

So go on, do what you will with this information, and please contact us if you have anymore doubts!

International Party

Happy dating!

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