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We have following events :

  • Languages Exchanges (English, Spanish, Chinese and also Japanese)
  • Board games, and also Video Games events
  • Many kinds of ourtdoor events such as workouts, hikes, and also Jogging events
  • Drinking, Partying, Eating, Dancing Events, BBQ and such
  • Music, Paiting, short trip events.
  • Cultural Events :Samurai Show, Kimono Kitsuke events etc…

offering tons of chances to make international friends though Language Exchanges, workshops and cultural events. Join us and start making friends in Tokyo.

Tokyo International Friends & Events
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Make International friends

COVID-19 safety measures

We are taking serious precautions during each event that we are hosting, but we would also like to ask everyone’s cooperation by following these rules as below :

  1. Wearing a mask during our events.
  2. Please wash your hands before joining.
  3. Please let us take your temperature by the door.
  4. Use our sanitizer while entering our venues.
  5. Social Distance should be maintained.
  6. Do not share food nor drinks during the events.
  7. We will be asking your personal contact information.
  8. Join the event at your own risk.

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Friends & Events are what you NEED in Tokyo

Whether you’re non-Japanese and learning Japanese, or Japanese and learning English, this is the best group to be improve your language skills and friends during your stay in Tokyo.

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