So… You’ve just arrived in Tokyo and you want to start your adventure, but the Metro system’s confusing and you don’t know how the fare or the use of its trains work…

Good thing you’re reading this cause we’ll show how the Metro works in Tokyo

First things first, are you planning on staying in Tokyo for several days and using this method of transportation everyday?

Get yourself a Tokyo Subway UNLIMITED PASS! There’s three types: 24 Hours / 48 Hours / 72 Hours; and they also have ones specifically for adults or for children.

These will save you plenty of money and you can take both Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway lines (which include the main metro lines in Tokyo in case you didn’t know)!

How much do they cost?

Alright so, as we’ve told you there’s three types of tickets to fill your transportation needs:

Where do I get them?

From airports to major subway stations to some hotels, as long as you present your foreign passport!

Now that you’ve decided whether or not to get the UNLIMITED PASS, how does the Metro System work?


Looks confusing ┬┐doesn’t it?

To simplify it:

If you’re not interested in getting the Unlimited Pass, then the ticketing machines are located at the entrance of every Subway. Look at the map located above them and choose the price according to your destination.

*Remember to walk through the machines and put your ticket in it and DON’T lose or drop it afterwards, since you’ll have to put the ticket in another machine at your destination to be able to leave the station.*

Repeat this process at every new subway station you go to.

It’s as simple as that, hope this article helps and Happy Travels!

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