Quarantine Accommodation

The purpose of quarantine is to isolate to prevent the spread of disease. The coronavirus can take time to be picked up in tests, so it is possible to have negative tests for several days and/or maybe asymptomatic. [In NZ there are cases of people test negative in day 3 of their managed isolation, but positive on day 10, it can take time to have enough viral material for the tests to pick it up]Before entering Japan you need to secure a place to stay for 14 days where you can isolate yourself from other people, and private transportation to get there. This can be a hotel, apartment, or your own residence (as long as you can isolate yourself from others)  Please check before booking if quarantine guests are allowed. Some people have found this out the hard way. ⚠️

■ Quarantine for High-Risk Countries ■For high-risk countries, the airport quarantine station designates a hotel for the first 3, 6, or 10 days of the 14-day quarantine. Please check here for a list of countries and information here: https://www.facebook.com/…/retur…/posts/1216100098887842⚠️

■ Quarantine Accommodation (14-days).[Counting from the day after arrival / full 24hr days. Please see calendar: https://bit.ly/2X9Svyj ] The last day finishes at midnight. (you are free the following day at 00:01 in the morning)Please note pledge obligations:

(a) You must stay at your quarantine location (home or accommodation facilities).If you need to relocate due to unavoidable circumstances, you must consult with the local public health office or health authority and the Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants (HCO) prior to changing location.

(b) You must not have direct contact with anyone you do not live with.

For example, when receiving deliveries, wear a mask, stand back and allow the delivery person to drop off the delivery, use your own pen to sign, and use contactless payments. Consider an apartment or house with equipped kitchen, fridge/freezer, and washing machine, space, and importantly centrally located to take advantage of food and grocery deliveries so as to not violate the pledge rules.

If booking a hotel/apartment, please ensure they actually accept quarantine stays. Not all hotels allow this because it discourages their regular guests and not all have the ability to carry out deep cleans of the rooms, hallways, lobby, elevators etc… Please also check with your accommodation provider that they can provide a properly cleaned room after other quarantined guests have stayed.

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