Tokyo International Family

Tokyo International Family a community where expat families and japanese families connect.

We have created this group for all those International families living in Japan, who would like to meet other international families.

Ever thought about your children not being able to speak his mother tongue ?

We would like to connect international families with similar backgrounds, and create a friendly environment for our kids to grow up internationally and being able to speak not only in Japanese.

■【Event schedules】

Here are some of events that you can do with us:

  1. Family Gathering
  2. English Classes for Babies / Infants
  3. Story telling events
  4. Seasonal workshops

■【Reasons to join our community

  1. Built-in Support System: Joining our community provides expat families with an instant support system. Living in a foreign country can be challenging, but being part of a community of fellow expats means you have a network of people who understand your unique experiences, can offer advice, and provide a sense of belonging. This support system can greatly ease the transition and help you navigate the ups and downs of living abroad.
  2. Cultural Integration: Our community offers a platform for expat families to immerse themselves in the local culture and customs in Japan. Through community events, language exchanges, and cultural activities, families can develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the local traditions, which can enhance their overall experience and facilitate integration into the new environment.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Being part of our community opens doors to valuable networking opportunities. Expats often face challenges in building professional connections in a foreign country, but our community provides a platform to meet like-minded individuals, both expats and locals, who may offer career opportunities, collaborations, or professional guidance. Expanding your network can lead to new friendships, job prospects, and personal growth.
  4. Access to Resources and Services: Our community is equipped with a wealth of resources and services tailored specifically for expat families. From information on schools, healthcare providers, and housing options to legal and administrative support, our community can provide valuable guidance and recommendations, saving you time and effort in navigating the practical aspects of living abroad.
  5. Enriched Social and Educational Experiences for Children: Joining our community ensures that your children have the opportunity to interact with other expat children and local peers. This exposure to a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds can broaden their horizons, foster multicultural friendships, and promote a global mindset. Additionally, our community may offer educational programs, language classes, and extracurricular activities that enhance your children’s learning experiences and overall development.
  6. By joining our community, expat families can find a sense of belonging, access support and resources, build connections, and provide enriching experiences for themselves and their children as they navigate life in a foreign country.

■【Who are we?】

We are a international family of 3, our son is 3.5 years old at the moment, and I am from Taiwan and my wife is from Japan, I have been trying to teach my son English, Chinese and Spanish, however, after sending him to a Japanese Nursery, he is mainly speaking Japanese at the moment, which is kind of troublesome for us, please join us and make our daily life environment more global for not only my son but also your kids.

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