How to make Japanese friends in Tokyo

Is making Japanese friends in Tokyo easy ?

If you are studying in a Japanese Language School then, I bet you must think it is hard for you to make Japanese friends at the beginning.

But actually, no it’s not difficult to make friends in Japan at all. Even if, in my first year, I kind of failed making Japanese friends, so that is why I am here to tell you how to do it without failing like I did.

Back then in 2005, smartphones were not very popular, and nowadays, almost everyone uses smartphone, so there are so many ways for you to make friends easily.

Let me introduce you to a few useful tips in this article.

①Look for the right community that fits you.

There are tons of Communities on Facebook or Craiglist, looking for the hobbies that you are into will be easier for you to become friends, since you will be sharing same hobbies with them.

② Attend as many parties and social gatherings as you can.

Attending International Parties, Language Exchanges, Work out events etc…

These 2 Apps are the best for finding social events near you:

  • MeetUP

I am pretty sure there are some certain topics that you will like in meetup, there are many activities happening everyday, so just find something you like and give it a try !

  • Couchsurfing

You can actually go stay in someone’s house, and become friends with them, also, there is a function to find people near you that are ready to hang out at anytime.

③Go out to bars !

The most famous bars to make friends in Tokyo are the following:

  • 300 Bar (Ginza area) There are actually only 3 “300” Bars in Ginza

300 Bar Next, 300 Bar 5 Chome, and 300 Bar 8 Chome, they are all located in Ginza, and any drink or food costs only 300 Yen, and all of them get really packed everyday after 8PM, definitely a good spot to meet people.

  • HUB

HUB is another famous brand in Japan, you can actually find them in most of the big stations in Tokyo. The price system in HUB is a bit more expensive, but it is also crowded during late evening.

Make friends by joining my MeetUP events, I am pretty sure that you will eventually meet someone if you come join my Language Exchange or International Parties.

If you are not looking for friendship, but something else, make sure to follow my next post !

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