How to stay in Japan ?

Do you want to live in Japan, and enjoy the safety, security, and all the awesome things they have here? You wouldn’t be the first to want to or try to achieve this.

This is what I did.

I came to Japan 11 years ago, the first VISA I had was the Student VISA ( Language School ),
the Student VISA can provide you 2 years max in Japan, you can do part time job during these 2 days, being able to speak their language will actually be your first mission to clear.

There are a few ways to stay in Japan, but BEFORE becoming a Japanese national, I would suggest you to try to live and work in Japan for a few years, since there is indeed a huge cultural gap, also things that you will need to adjust yourself to fit in.

  • The economy may not be great but at least it’s relatively stable and reliable.
  • Crime rate is really low here, and you are likely to feel safe in most part of Japan.
  • There are plenty of jobs opportunities knocking around, particularly for teaching and in technology & service industries.

However, the process of trying to stay here can be a confusing one. This article will try to give you an easily understood and clear overview of the steps you should take to stay in Japan.

Types of VISA that are easy to get

  1. Student VISA
  2. Working Holiday VISA
  3. Working VISA
  4. Spouse VISA

For more information about VISA in Japan please visit here :

Student VISA

This is actually the easiest way to come to Japan at the beginning, there are so many Japanese Language Schools in Japan, and you just need to find the one you like and enroll in, if the Language School wants you then, you will be able to stay in Japan for at least 1 – 2 years.

I do know a cheap school in Tokyo, in case if you are interested please contact me.

Working Holiday VISA

Working holiday VISA really depends on where you are from, not every country has Working Holiday Program with Japan.

Working VISA

Getting a three-year work visa is easy enough if you have a decent job here that will sponsor you.

Spouse VISA

Well, this one I do not really need to explain.

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