Airport Arrival procedures in Japan during COVID-19

Airport Arrival procedures in Japan.

This is a rough guide and the order may vary depending on the airport, numbers of passengers, and system changes. You can save a significant amount of time and make the process much smoother by having as much as possible prepared.

🔦Check-in, boarding & flight to Japan

The web questionnaire needs to be filled in BEFORE the check-in/drop off the bag counter.

Take a screenshot of the QR-code at the end of the questionnaire as it lost after closing the webpage.

■Documents check at Airline Check-in:

o Passporto Valid visa

o QR code froe m the web questionnaire

o MOFA form & Negative PCR-test lab report.

★MOFA form information please check:

🔦Airport Arrival procedures in Japan.

• It is not unusual to be held on the plane if the terminal is busy.After disembarking the plane you will proceed through a series of checkpoints.

Checkpoint A: Documents processing (save time and have all documents printed and filled in before arriving.) and checking.

– Health card (Provided on arrival. This gets stamped at every point in the process)- Passport.

– Written pledge (individual) if you do not have one, they will provide one to be filled out on the spot.

– Health questionnaire QR-code.

– Negative COVID test result & MOFA form.

Checkpoint B: PCR saliva test

Checkpoint C: Checking/testing apps and your email is working

Please check this post to learn how to save time and hassle:

Area 1: Install the apps as per checklist

Area 2: Airport officials check settings of all the installed apps, Google Maps, and Bluetooth

Area 3: Email validation, sending an email to them

Area 4: MySOS validation

Checkpoint D: Quarantine Accommodation & Transport check

Checkpoint B/E: PCR test results

Checkpoint Other: Depending on your situation there may be additional steps such as issuing a residence card if new arrival.

– Waiting areas have chairs placed apart.

– Toilet are available by asking the staff.

– There are no vending machines. Bring snacks.

After completing all the checkpoints

– Clearing immigration

– Baggage collection (often ready on a trolley to take straight away)

– Customs (Please note customs sniffer dogs in action)

lights have been restricted to Tokyo Airports (Narita and Haneda) and Kansai Airport.You CANNOT take connecting domestic flights until completing your quarantine.There are some (very) limited flights in to Fukuoka and Nagoya. Generally, flights are cancelled or diverted to Tokyo, and often with a domestic leg you CANNOT use until 14 days have passed.Fukuoka and Nagoya flights usually orginated from Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, USA (Delta DTW-NGO) as well as repatriation flights. It may or may not be possible for some people to transfer in these countries.

What do you do after arrival ? Check our next blog here : Quarantine Transport after arriving to Japan

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