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Welcome to our international party, where people from different parts of the world come together to celebrate diversity and cultural exchange. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of warmth, acceptance, and inclusivity, where everyone is welcome regardless of their background.

At our parties, you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with people from all over the world, and enjoy music and entertainment that reflect the diversity of our world.

We host international parties from time to time, the best one is our Monthly Gathering for all our members of the community. If you expand your network and have a fun time, please join us! It’s an easy way to make local friends and build meaningful connections.

Even if you’re alone, don’t worry – come make friends!

※More than 50 people coming to our monthly gathering.

Please read the terms before joinin the events : Click here

■【Schedules for our International Party】Join us by click the links below

※In order to join our event, kindly create and account on Meetup, and RSVP on the corresponding event. This helps us to know the number of people coming so we can prepare in advance. Thank you for your undersdanding.

■【How to Join our Internationa Party?

👉Simply click on the Schedules above and RSVP

■【When ?

Check our Schedule above

■【Where ?】

Please check our event page, we do not have a fixed place for this event.

■【How much?】

1,000 Yen~ / Event depending on the cost of our venues

■【Who’s this event for

monthyl party
international party
expat community
tokyo international friends & events
  • Men / Women
  • Students / Business People
  • Japanese learning people
  • Chinese learning People
  • People into Asian culture
  • Party lover
  • Alcohol lover
  • Expats
  • Tourist / Traveler
  • Any friend making, interesting bites, international atmosphere loving individuals, language exchange.

■【Why join our international Party

monthyl party
international party
expat community
tokyo international friends & events
  1. Great Opportunity to expand your social network of friends around town.
  2. Make international friends (Japanese or Foreign Visitors)
  3. Practice Japanese or foreign language.
  4. Mingle with people
  5. Get our of your comfort zone and try something new.
  6. Great chance to learn what other cultures.


■【Lest all have fun together】Tokyo International Party

How to make japanese friends ? This is definitely the best way to do so.
We hope that you’ll meet new friends, learn about different cultures, and have a great time celebrating our differences and similarities. Let’s raise a glass to international unity and friendship!

■ 【Stay connected with us 】

Connect with us on Line OPEN CHAT
※Make sure to change the region of your Phone setting to Japan

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tokyo international friends & events
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