Sword & Kenbu Workshop with Hiryu Master


Experience the Samurai Spirit through a traditional Japanese art known as Kenbu.

Learn the basics of handling a Japanese sword, performing slashing techniques, and executing simple samurai actions directly from Master Hiryu. Additionally, you will be taught how to properly handle a Japanese fan and the etiquette of bowing and walking in traditional arts.

Immerse yourself in the culture and history of the Samurai as you master the art of Kenbu.

Come learn with us ! Feel free to invite your friends as well !

※Must add our official Line account and send us a message : [Joining 1/30 Samurai Workshop]


■📅【Date】: 2023.1.30 18:30

■💴【 Price】: 3,500 Yen

🚉【Meetup Place】:Adachi-Shogakucenter 4th Floor Hall


Includes the following:

  • 👮Katana & Fan lessons.
  • 📜Katana Rental
  • 🚡Fan Rental

※Food/Insurance is not included

Extra Information


※Lesson will be conducted in Japanese

  • Start the class with the traditional Japanese bow
  • How to hold and hadle a Katana
  • Slashing and sheathing with the Japanese sword
  • Basic Positionning, Steps and Movements
  • How to handle Japanese Fan
  • Enjoy the performace by Hiryu Master

■ 【Note】

  • Meal is not included, there are food stands & restaurants at the each location
  • Must have your own insurance.

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■【 Please Bring】

  • Sporty clothes

※In order to join our event you need to register from our officail meetup group first.

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