Imperial Palace Jog & Sento Experience Event

This is an event hosted [Tokyo International Events & Friends ]

The mission of Imperial Palace Jog is to connect all Expat and Japanese Joggers together to jog around the Imperial Palace (Tokyo) . and having a relaxing SENTO experience afterwards. Lets jog together

imperial palace 
tokyo international friends and events
Meet new friends through Working Out together ! Lets jog !

■Who’s this event for ?
・Students / Business man
・Networking People
・Runners / Joggers
・People who want to work out
・People who want to make international friends
・People who want to try sento
・People who want to experience sento
・People who love historical places
・Any friend making, international atmosphere loving individuals, language exchange.

imperial palace 
tokyo international friends and events
Enjoy the international team

■What is Sento ?

A sento was originally a public bathhouse for people that did not have a bath at home. But now almost everyone has shower at home, so now since the times have changed. Sentos have been reevaluated as a kind of hot spring in town, a kind of spa where people can relax. They are now regarded more as a luxury, an inexpensive leisure spot for all, and have regained popularity.

By doing Sento together with our guests would make us bond more with each other !

■Distance: around 5KM

imperial palace 
tokyo international friends and events
Enjoy the breathtaking views around the Imperial Palace !

We host this event [Imperial Palace Jog] every week, therefore, if you are interested, check our Meetup Event Calendar for more information :

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■ Health Measures.

  • Temperature will be taken.
  • No handshakes.
  • Please use hand sanitizer on entry.
  • Please wash hands before the start of the event.
  • No sharing drinks.
  • Social distancing should be maintained.
  • Please do not attend if feeling ill.

※Event Terms and Conditions
・Participation in the Event is at the Participant’s own risk. Organizer is not responsible for any health problems.
・We are not responsible for your lost or stolen belongings.

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