【Field Trip】🗻Mt.Fuji 5th Station & Nearby Parks 🍁November 12th

Lets go explore Fuji 5th Station and feel the most beautiful mountain in Japan. Did not get a change to climb it ? try it with us going to the 6th station and feel the hike.? You will love it when you see it in person.

We will also cover the best parks around the area.

Ikebukuro→【Mt.Fuji 5th Station】→【Saiko iyashino satonenba】Ikebukuro

Come have fun with us ! Feel free to invite your friends as well !

※Must add our official Line account and send us a message : [Joining 11/12 Trip]


■📅【Date】: 2022.11.12

■💴【 Price】: 7,900 Yen

🚉【Meetup Place】:Ikebukuro Station

Includes the following:

  • 🚌Private Bus round trip from Ikebukuro
  • 🎡Saiko iyashino Satonenba Entrance Fee
  • 👮Tour Assistant
  • 🚡Pictures and Videos Shared.

※Food/Insurance is not included

■□■□【Community Perk】■□■□

■□■□【Community Perk】■□■□

■ 【Itinerary】

  • 8:00 : Leave from Ikebukuro (Please come 15 minutes early)
  • 11:30 : Arrive at Mt.Fuji 5th Station ( Stay 2 hours)
  • 14:30 : Arrive at Saiko iyashino Satonenba ( Stay 2 Hours )
  • 16:30 : Return to Ikebukuro
  • 20:00 : Arrive back in Tokyo at Ikebukuro Station

※Time Schedule might vary, please check the itinerary from our Trip Group Chat .

■ 【Note】

  • Meal is not included, there are restaurants at each spot we visit.
  • Must have your own insurance
  • Weather might be cold, its better to bring a Jackets.

👆Add us know👆

■【 Please Bring】

  • Bento or Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Camera
  • In case of rain, Please bring your umbrella

■【Cancellation Policy】

Cancellations after November 7th, cancellation fee will be applied.

※In order to join our event you need to register from our officail meetup group first.

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👆Upcoming Events👆

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